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Let me make it up to you

Hello wow !! It's been so long since I've posted on here but I'm feeling pretty okay and I bring with me some NSFW smosh slash.
I wrote this about a month ago when Anthony caused that little accident, ie when he broke Ian's nose. It's short, sweet, and to the point. Enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think! uwu

(read on AO3 if you want uOu)

Title: Let me make it up to you
Pairing: Ian/Anthony (complicated sexual relationship)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: NSFW, light blood play, smosh slash, blowjob
Summary: Anthony hit Ian pretty hard on set earlier. He feels awful about it, and just wishes there was something he could do to make it up to his friend. Word count: ~1200
Disclaimer: btw this probably didn't happen


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Lately, I feel like a stranger to myself, and I need to fix that. I can't be writing anymore until then.

Operation Mistletoe- 4/4... Last Part!

 Title: Operation Mistletoe- 4/4
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer:  Smosh, Ian, Anthony, mistletoe, nope, don't own them. I do own my story though, even though none of it has really happened, along with the fictional characters in it. There, happy, SOPA and PIPA?
Summary: Ian an Anthony are having a Christmas party, but Ant's mischievous cousins have some plans for the evening!
A/N: Last part!!! I'm really happy that you guys liked this, it was so fun to write. Sorry I didn't post sooner, but I had my reasons...you know those embarrassed freaks that throw up in school? Yeah, that was me the other day. At least I made it to a bathroom in time. ANYWAYS... Enjoy, let me know what you thought and all that wonderful stuff! Thank you for reading!(:<3

   “Hey everyone, we’re going to change things up a bit,” Reality once again jumped back into me, loud music and fast moving dancers once again existent. Ian blinked and pulled his eyebrows together, confused. I did the same, then turned to see Katie up on the couch again. I didn’t know exactly what had just come over me, but I wanted to just push it to the back of my mind for the moment. I listened to Katie as she spoke, “It’s time for a little slow dancing, don’t you think? Come on, everyone find someone! Doesn’t have to be a sweet-heart; heck, you can dance with your mom, if you feel like it!” She giggled and hopped down,  putting a song on her iPod, blasting it, and grabbing her sister to dance with. 
    I felt myself blush again. Slow dance? How was I supposed to find someone when I could hardly move? Mid-thought, well, mid-panic, I felt a tapping on my shoulder, and turned my head back to Ian, who held up his hand, offering a dance. He had on a goofy grin.
    “Hey, she said anyone. Care for a dance?” He said in a joking voice. I chuckled and took his hand. I knew it was just for fun, just to have a dance partner, but still, I’m not sure if my face could be hotter. Ian placed his other hand on my upper-waist, pulling me closer to him. I did the same with my hand, interlocking our arms. He closed his hand around mine as a slow, romantic song reached its chorus. We swayed silently for a few moments, smiling jokingly at each other. As much as I felt embarrassed to admit, I loved the way he looked up at me. I loved how this felt, everything about it. Pairs of dancers around us closed in slightly, pushing us further together. 
    Ian chuckled quietly, “Well, you’re quite the dancer,” I laughed, stepping on his foot accidentally.
    “Yeah, totally. If fumbling around aimlessly counts as dancing,” He shrugged, his grin fading slightly into more of a content    smile. My cheeks were burning, on fire, I swear; they were moments from melting away.


As much as the moment tempted me to sit and watch, mesmerized, we had to carry on with the next step of the plan. Emily quickly grabbed what we needed from the bedroom and came back to the living room, handing it to me. Luckily, Ian and Anthony had ended up just below the doorway.
“Okay, here goes nothing, Emily. Last phase of the plan: Mistletoe,” 


    Could Ian hear my heart right now? How could he not? No, he could, and he was about to laugh at me for acting so weird. I waited for him to question it, question how red my face was, how clumsy my feet were being, but the questions didn’t come. We remained, swaying silently to the song. 
    This wasn’t a joke of a dance, anymore. I could feel it. Ian’s cheeks were tinted pink like mine, and his eyes couldn’t lie. Crystal blue oceans bore into my own eyes as we held contact, making our emotions obvious to one another. Honestly, at that moment, World War 3 could’ve been going on around us and I wouldn’t notice. Ian was the only one I had to pay attention to at the moment.
Crystal blue eyes finally broke contact by glancing up. Ian chuckled and looked back at me before taking his hand out of mine and pointing upward. I followed his finger. Huh, I didn’t remember that mistletoe being there. I laughed, catching a glimpse of two sneaky girls running back off to the crowd in the corner of my eyes. We made eye contact again, and everything seemed to blend into the background, everything but me and Ian. Nothing mattered but us at the moment.
    Somewhere in reality, Ian mumbled something I couldn’t pay attention to, like, “Screw it,” but I was too dazed to attempt tapping into reality right now. Ian and I leaned our faces closer together very slowly. Well, we were under the mistletoe, after all. I closed my eyes and leaned my head further, pressing my lips against his as somewhere in the background, the song died down quietly in its last few notes. 
    We didn’t move for a while, just stood there, arms still intertwined and holding each other’s waist, lips barely connected. We were hardly kissing, but it felt perfect. I leaned in a fraction of an inch closer, pressing my lips fully against his and pulled away. He opened his bright blue eyes, and smiled up at me as I did the same. I smiled brightly down at him.
    “Merry Christmas, Ian,” I glanced over to the couch, where two little girls sat, giggling their mischievous heads off. Ian followed my eyes and laughed along with me.
    “Merry Christmas Anthony,” he murmured, wrapping his free arm around me and pulling me into a hug.


    I sat exhausted next to Emily on the couch after all the guests had left, besides the ones staying the night. We both looked over at Ian and Anthony, sitting on the other couch in front of a lap top, laughing at something on the screen, holding hands. I sighed happily and fell onto my back on the couch. Emily followed me in doing this, our heads touching. 
    I closed my eyes and sighed through a smile, “Finally,”

:DD The end! :DD


Ahh, she's 14! She gets to join the party. Heh.
I get to see my best friend for her birthday, even though she's an hour away from me. Woo!! I'm wicked excited. (: I got her a signed picture from her favorite band, Pierce The Veil. Can't wait to see her open it. 
It's also good that I'll be with her for the weekend, because this way I can make sure she doesn't do any "partying," if you nkow what I mean. I've been getting more worried about that. But for now, can't worry to much. Gotta pack for the weekend! :)<3

Operation Mistletoe- 3/4

Title: Operation Mistletoe- 3/4
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer:  Smosh, Ian, Anthony, mistletoe, nope, don't own them. I do own my story though, even though none of it has really happened, along with the fictional characters in it. There, happy, SOPA and PIPA?
Summary: Ian an Anthony are having a Christmas party, but Ant's mischievous cousins have some plans for the evening!
A/N: Almost done! Like it so far?

    “Okay…I have no idea what just happened,” I said, pacing across the floor. Emily sat on one of the guest beds watching me.
    “I don’t know. Maybe she dumped him over text. Or he dumped her,” I thought about it for a moment, then stopped pacing and looked at Emily.
    “Well, I guess that could be it. There had to be a reason though,” We both pursed our lips and nodded. Suddenly, I had a thought. “Wait…if Anthony broke up with her, and she’s out there at the party, then…”
    “A TEXT MESSAGE? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS, ANTHONY?” Emily’s and my head both darted up. We both looked at each other with wide eyes for a split second before running out into the living room. 
    “I can’t BELIEVE you, Anthony! What the fuck!? You think you can just break up with me through a text like that? You’re a Pig!” Anthony’s girlfriend, erm, ex-girlfried, was blowing up in his face. She was borderline screaming, face right up to his. A few of her friends were trying to hold her back.
    “Hey! Look, just calm down, okay? We can talk about this,” Anthony was trying to calm her down, which obviously wasn’t working. 
    “Talk about it? Oh, sure. Let’s talk about how much of a complete tool you are! What’s so hard about walking out here and at least breaking up with me to my face?” she said, quieter now than before. It was obvious she was getting emotional, with wet eyes and wavering voice. Anthony sighed and opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by her hand raised as if to tell him to stop. She took a deep breath, and turned around to abruptly leave. Walked right out the front door. So, that was that, I guessed. I looked at Emily and muttered quietly to her.
    “Well, I guess…that’s over. We’ve got to keep going. Let’s start phase three: dancing.”


    Apparently, that was that. I cleared my throat a good minute after Kalel--Kirstin--walked out, and looked around. Many who’d been watching the situation awkwardly looked and turned away, quiet conversation returning to the room. My face felt like it was on fire, and I’m sure it was red. That was pretty embarrassing, come to think of it. I probably looked like a jerk as much as she looked like a drama queen. I did act like a jerk, after all. I shouldn’t have texted something like that. 
    All heads turned to a loud, high-pitched voice on the other side of the room, interrupting an awkward moment. I relaxed a bit, seeing the attention off of me. Ian came up and put a hand on my shoulder, offering support. I smiled a thanks to him and looked over to see my cousins standing on the couch. 
    “All right, everyone, listen up,” Katie nearly shouted to the large group in the living room. “This is a Christmas party, so there’s no need for drama. Now that everything’s settled, it’s time for some dancing! I’ll blast some music, everyone get up,” many cheered and found their way to the middle of the floor as Katie hopped down and blasted a popular song, Emily a close shadow. I smiled, relieved that everyone was moving on and grateful of Katie and Emily. 
    My heart skipped a beat when a hand took hold of mine. I glanced down to find it was just Ian’s hand. He walked forward and pulled me into the group of dancers, releasing my hand as we found our way through the sea of people. I couldn’t dance very well, but with a song like this, it wasn’t too difficult. I just moved along with the heavy beat like everyone else. Ian stood in front of me, laughing as I attempted doing the robot. We were almost nose to nose, what with all the people around us. Surrounding dancers enclosed us, brushing and bumping against our sides and forcing us closer together. I laughed along with him at my awesome dance skills, looking up at his face. His grin was so familiar, almost comforting just to see. 
    My stomach twisted as, suddenly, the atmosphere once again shifted around us. Gravity forced down, adding twice as much weight to everything, bringing me into the same slow-motion state I’d been in before…when again? What was going on, again? I couldn't remember exactly, or think clearly for that matter. I just focused on Ian’s perfect smile. Slowly, I forced my eyes to move upward to make eye contact with him. Stunningly piercing blue eyes held contact with my dull brown eyes, bringing by breath to a stop. I let my body slowly force against graity in a continued effort in dancing, but focused only on Ian, keeping eye contact. Did he feel this right now? 
    Loud music and restless dancers faded into the background as I let my weary arms stop their effort in moving in slow-motion, letting them slowly fall to my sides and watched Ian do the same. We just stood there, still holding each other’s gaze. What reason did he have to stare into my eyes? I had a perfect reason, of course. Why would I want to look away from those hypnotic ice blue irises willing me closer, those arctic oceans with so much emotion floating just beneath the surface? Whatever the reason, I was grateful. I never wanted this moment to end. Ian’s impressive features were so close, our noses barely not touching. Hell, if I wanted to, I could just…

One part left!! :DD Excited? I am. Hehehe. I loved making this series, it was too much fun. Hope you all like it so far!! :D <3

Operation Mistletoe- 2/4

Title: Operation Mistletoe- 2/4
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer:  Smosh, Ian, Anthony, mistletoe, nope, don't own them. I do own my story though, even though none of it has really happened, along with the fictional characters in it. There, happy, SOPA and PIPA?
Summary: Ian an Anthony are having a Christmas party, but Ant's mischievous cousins have some plans for the evening!
A/N: This doesn't count for the December challenge, obviously, but I had worked really hard on this and felt like posting. Kill me, if you must, for posting an out-of-season story. ;) Oh, and it's all written already. The story ended up being 17 pages long, though, so I had to break it up.
OH YEAH, and later in this story, Kalel is made to look bad. I didn't mean to hate on her, but I needed to come up with a situation that would result in the favor I needed it too for the story. Okay that's all, promiseee.

   Phase two would be harder than the first. There could be bumps along the way. It had to work, though. I mean, my cousin was totally blind to love. All he thought he cared about was a pretty face. That’s exactly what “Kalel”, or Kristen, her real name, was. Just eye candy. We just had to make sure he ended up with Ian, though. For like, literally my entire life, I had to watch them being just friends, when it was so obvious that they’d be perfect together. 
    There was, though, their girlfriends. Now, Melanie was awesome. She actually agreed with me and Em. She was willing to break it off with Ian, knowing they’d grown distant, and that they’d be better off separated. Kristen, though, was a whole different story. She basically had the IQ of a peanut. I don’t wanna’ be a jerk, but seriously. The girl was pretty, but show her a math problem and her face would go blank. Obviously, there was no way she was going to negotiate and break up with Anthony. We’d have to get involved. I thought it over a million times, whether or not it was the right thing to do, but eventually decided that it had to be done. Sure, we were about to wreck Anthony’s relationship, but only to give him a better one. As for Kristen, erm, Kalel as most know her, well, she could get any pretty boy she wanted.
    I shook my head, shaking away my thoughts as I followed Melanie and Emily down the hall. I took Emily’s shoulders and stopped her at the end of the hallway, watching Melanie continue, a poker face plastered on her. I made eye contact with my sister, and we both nodded before squatting beside the wall, peering past the doorway into the living room to watch Melanie.
    “Gosh, I can’t watch. I can’t,” Emily said, covering her eyes. “I don’t care if it’s for a good cause, breakups are so sad!” I rolled my eyes and dismissed her to go work on Kalel. That would be hard, but she’d have to try alone. I had to make sure Melanie and Ian’s breakup went smoothly.

    I sat on the couch, smiling and nodding toward the group of people near me, talking about some recent news I wasn’t paying attention to. My mind was elsewhere at the moment; I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened earlier, or even figure out what it was. I just knew that Anthony went through whatever I did.
    “Hey, Ian,” I heard from behind me, interrupting my thoughts. I turned my head to see Melanie and smiled up at her.
    “Hey, Mel,” I replied, moving over to make room for her on the couch. She sat down and smiled her brilliant smile, flashing her white teeth. Something seemed off about her; her smile didn’t last, her eyes didn’t match her happy tone. I sighed. “Okay, what’s up,”
    She just looked at me for a moment, as if contemplating what to say next. “Ian,” she sighed after a while, “It’s just…we’ve gotten really distant. I just feel like we can’t really give our full hearts to each other…” she trailed off and looked at me with teary eyes. I opened my mouth to say something, but closed it after I realized I didn’t know what to say. Was she getting at what I thought she was getting at?
    “Well…I mean…” I looked up at her, a sad smile upturning her lips. I sighed. “You’re…you’re right, Mel,” was all I could say. What else could I say? We had grown apart. She seemed more distant. We didn’t talk much anymore. Maybe there just wasn’t a spark.
    “Look, Ian,” she took one of my hands in both of her small, dainty ones, “being with you has been so fun. A perfect relationship. It’s just,” she looked down, tears threatening to escape her eyes, “I just think there’s other people that we could give all of our love to, you know? I feel like we haven’t found exactly who we need,” I raised an eyebrow. Honestly, I had no idea what she meant, but I knew that this was it for us. 
    “So,” I said cautiously, “you think…you think we should, like, go ou separate ways,” God, this was awkward. Why were we even doing this? Why was she even breaking up with me?
    Melanie laughed her comforting laugh and looked up with glossy, wet eyes, smiling her bright smile again. “I never want to part ways from you, Ian. Promise we’ll always be in each other’s lives,” I smiled a small smile, unable to resist,--her smiles were contagious--and nodded.
    “Of course, Mel,” She smiled brightly again and leaned in to hug me. When she pulled away, we were quiet for a few moments before I sighed, “So, this is it?” Her smile faded a bit, but didn’t disappear.
    She nodded. “I guess so. I know you don’t really get why I’m doing this, but trust me. It’ll make sense eventually,” I shrugged and nodded, then stood up with her.
    “Friends?” I said, smiling weakly. She giggled and hugged me.
    “Best friends,” she said into my shoulder. 
    Well, I guess that was that.
    …what just happened?

    Everything seemed to have worked out with Ian and Melanie, or so it looked from ten feet away where I was spying the whole time. Ian, after hugging Melanie and watching her walk away, turned toward the hall I was in. I squeaked nervously and booked it back to the guestroom before he got to the doorway. I closed the door and held my ear against it, listening to Ian’s footsteps fade as he walked down the hall. 
    After the sound of footsteps faded away, I cracked open the door and poked my head out into the hall. The cost was clear. Quietly, I made my way down the hall, putting my ear to each door as I went. I stopped at Anthony’s room, where I heard Ian’s voice. The door was ajar, and I slowly pushed it open just enough to see in. Both Ian and Anthony were sitting on the edge of his bed. Anthony’s arm was around Ian’s shoulders, which made me want to squeal right there. I held it in, leaning in close to eavesdrop. 
    “I’m sorry, man. I know it’s tough,” Anthony said quietly, patting Ian’s shoulder. It looked like he was just comforting his friend. Ian turned his head so I saw the back of his bowl cut, making eye contact with Anthony. I couldn’t see either of their faces, which I pouted at.
    Ian shrugged. “It doesn’t really hurt. Not really. It was almost like a mutual break-up…I guess.” I vaguely saw Anthony nod his head.
    “So, why did you guys even break up? I’m confused.” It was quiet for a moment after Anthony asked.
    “Well, I kind of am, too. She just said we were growing apart, and that there were better people for us, people we could give more love to. Some emotional crap like that. She said I’d understand it better eventually,” he said before sighing. “I just wish I understood it now,”

    Ugh, why did I have to do this? Getting Anthony’s girlfriend to dump him, or the other way around, was the least planned out part of the plan. How was I supposed to know how to do it? Heck, I didn’t even want to be pulled into this whole thing. Katie and I both thought Ian and Anthony would be cute together, sure, but this was just too much for me. I wasn’t exactly as mischievous as my sister. So, why was I even going along with it? Doing the hardest part alone?
    Because I was an awesome sister, I decided as I walked through the house to find Kristin. And, maybe because my sister was kind of like a leader for me. Whatever. Right now I just had to focus on finding this chick, and some pretty-boy that didn’t know Anthony was her boyfriend.
    “So I was like, oh my God, bananas have calories? It was crazy,” I heard a peppy voice say. I turned to see Kristin laughing with a few girls. Bingo, I thought, then quickly scanned the room. I saw some dude chugging eggnog across the room and quickly approached. After a moment of awkwardly staring up at him, my neck bent up to look at his tall form, he lowered his cup and looked down at me.
    “Hey, kid. Can I…help you?” He talked in drunken slur, and swayed slightly while waiting for my response. Who invited this guy?
    “Um, yes,” I said quietly, “You see that girl over there? In the shirt that could fit a small dog?” Slightly red eyes looked up and followed my pointing finger across the room. He nodded, eyes scrolling up and down her body. He smirked.
    “Hell yeah I do. She’s lookin’-” he paused to hiccup, “fine over there,” Another hiccup. “Why you ask?” I wiggled my finger for him to lean in. Me being so much smaller, he squatted down to my height and leaned in close. I almost gagged from the alcohol scent that blew across my face from his mouth.
    Without breathing I whispered, “Well, she’s been bummed out. You know, no guy in her life. And between you and me, she thinks you’re totally hot,” He pulled back and raised his eyebrows as to say, “are you sure?” I smirked and nodded. “Yup, that‘s right. I say you go talk to her. She likes when guys approach her, not the other way around,” He made a noise that sounded like a slurred chuckle, then straightened up, checking her out again. I shuddered; it looked a beast staring down fresh meat.
    I watched him fumble across the room over to her. Watched the weird looks her and her friends gave him, his stupid expression as his lips moved nonstop. I wondered what he was saying over there. Of course, Kristin probably wondered, too. Ugh, this guy was a totally loser! 
    Still, Kristin seemed to get the idea. Within a minute, she exchanged flirtatious glances as they talked, twirled long, perfect hair around her fingers, batted her long, fake eyelashes. I scrunched up my face in a grimace when she put a hand on his arm, laughing at something that must’ve been much less than funny. Was she really flirting with him? Apparently. Well, it was a good thing. It was the plan. 
    The plan! Right. What to do after getting her to be all giggly and stuff with peanut-IQ boy…get Anthony, that was it. I looked around; he was nowhere in sight. I pushed through the crowd hurriedly, making my way to the hallway. I looked down to see if he was anywhere nearby. No such luck. With an aggravated grunt, I turned back to the room full of dancing, chatting, drinking, and laughing. My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw Kristin and her new “friend”. My eyes must’ve been bulging out of my head.
    Kristin had her hands on his hips, body pressed against his, lips mashed against his own beer drowned mouth. He looked like he was trying to eat her face. I wanted to puke, scream, and smack them both across the face at the same time, but of course, all I could do was stand frozen like an idiot. After a minute, I snapped my mouth shut, squeaked something incomprehensible, and booked it down the hall. Katie would know what to do, right?


    I breathed as silently as I could, leaning in close to the bedroom. It was a bit hard to hear their quiet words with the loud party down the hall, but I could manage. 
    “KATIE! Problem! Katie!” Emily nearly shouted as she ran over, stomping through the hall way. I shushed her quickly and signaled for her to get down.
    “It can wait,” I whispered, gesturing to the crack in the doorway with a nod of my head. We positioned ourselves so we could both peer into the room to see Ian and Anthony sitting on the bed talking. 
    “Yeah, just wait, you’ll be over it soon,” Anthony said, patting Ian on the back. 
    “I guess so,” Ian replied with a sigh.
    Emily pulled me back from the doorway, causing me to land on my butt in the hall. “Okay,” she said quietly, “I know this is the most adorable moment ever, but things with Kristin are going a bit…well…let’s just say it’s a good thing we’re breaking them up. She’s out there playing tonsil hockey with some drunk loser!” My jaw dropped. 
    “Are you serious?” I whispered loudly. She nodded. “Wow. Well, we’ve got to get Anthony to see it!”
    “No,” she quickly replied. I raised an eyebrow. “That’s the point. Do you know how hurt he would be if he found out what a cheater she was?” I pursed my lips and thought for a moment. 
    “I guess you’re right…Well, what are we supposed to do?!”


    I couldn’t figure out how to help here. Ian looked wicked down. I mean, who wouldn’t, right after a breakup? All I could do was sit there and try to comfort him, which didn’t seem to be helping much at all. Still, as a friend, I had to be there for him. I sat listening, nodding and replying and offering crappy advice when needed. My phone was being blown up with texts at the moment, drawing glances by Ian to the iphone laying beside me on the bed.
    “You should check your phone,” he mumbled, mouth covered slightly by his hand holding his head up, propped up on his lap. I shrugged and checked. They were from Kris-um, Kalel. 
Hey babe, wher R U? cant find u.
Um, heloooo? Ansr meee. ):
ANTHONYYY? Txt backkk. R u ignoring me???
    I rolled my eyes. All the texts had come in the last ten minutes. I sighed down at my phone. “What’s up?” Ian asked, looking up at me. I shook my head and mumbled about it being nothing, typing back a quick response.
Sorry..Ian’s going through a lot of shit. just need to be here 4 him.
    I looked back up at Ian and smiled, relieved when we matched mine with one of his own. At least he wasn’t as down as before. He was definitely still troubled, though. His eyes almost spoke sometimes, and right now they were saying he was upset, confused, or something.
BUZZ…I blinked away from Ian’s eye contact and looked down at my vibrating phone, sighing. What was that, thirty seconds? I opened the text from Kalel.
Wow. Srsly?? I swear to god Anthony, U care more about ian then U do about me. im ur gf, remember??? 
    I replied saying I’d just be a couple of minutes and went back to talking with Ian, now about random things like always. It felt nice. Normal. Not like the rest of the night had seemed to be going. 
Before I knew it, Kalel texted again.
You kno wat Anthony?? Its time U make a choice. Srsly. Its me or him. 
    I gawked at the phone, not knowing how to respond. What the hell was she talking about? So I wanted to be there for my friend; what was the big deal?  I shook my head down at the phone, and Ian stopped mid sentence about some You Tube video. 
    “What happened?” I rolled my eyes. Kalel could be a real pain in the ass. I couldn’t possibly choose between my girlfriend and best friend. I opened my mouth to answer Ian, but was interrupted by another buzz of my phone.
Weeellll??? Im waiting…? Just get over the ug-face and get out here. <3
That was the last straw. Fine, she wanted me to choose, so I’d choose. 

    Emily and I sat scratching our heads in the hall, trying to decipher what the heck was going on in there. Ian kept asking Anthony what was up and stuff, but he wasn’t really answering. Text text text, that was all he was doing. He definitely looked upset, even from outside of the room. More upset than Ian, who was distracted from the whole Melanie thing. Ian’s only worry seemed to be Anthony as he looked at him with confusion.
    Anthony looked up eventually, and a small smile erased the pout on his face. He took a deep breath and shrugged. “Well, I guess I can join the club,” Ian turned his head and cocked it to the side in unison with Emily and I. We couldn’t see Ian’s face, but he was probably just as confused as us. Anthony laughed a nervous laugh and said to make himself more clear, “We’re both single, now. Guess we get to deal with it together!” My jaw dropped, and I looked down at Emily, who looked up with the same look of shock. Whoa, what the heck just happened?
    “Dude, really?” Ian asked, surprised. Anthony shrugged and nodded. “Wait, why? What happened? When--now? I don’t get it,” I watched Anthony’s hand go up and cover Ian’s mouth, silencing the questions I wanted to scream. He chuckled and dropped his hand back down, shaking his head.
    “Don’t worry about it. She just…wasn’t worth it. Now come on, let’s get back out there. Can’t wait to deal with the soon-to-come diva attack from her,” both guys laughed and stood up. I flailed around, eyes wide, and jumped back from the door, yanking Emily away. We fumbled to our feet and ran down to the guest room. 

Hehe, there's part two! Sorry I'm posting it so soon, but a few people really wanted the second part posted quickly. Two more parts to go! (:

Operation Mistletoe- 1/4

Title: Operation Mistletoe- 1/4
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: Smosh, Ian, Anthony, mistletoe, nope, don't own them. I do own my story though, even though none of it has really happened, along with the fictional characters in it. There, happy, SOPA and PIPA?
Summary: Ian an Anthony are having a Christmas party, but Ant's mischievous cousins have some plans for the evening!
A/N: This doesn't count for the December challenge, obviously, but I had worked really hard on this and felt like posting. Kill me, if you must, for posting an out-of-season story. ;) Oh, and it's all written already. The story ended up being 17 pages long, though, so I had to break it up.
OH YEAH, and later in this story, Kalel is made to look bad. I didn't mean to hate on her, but I needed to come up with a situation that would result in the favor I needed it too for the story. Okay that's all, promiseee.

>>>>The narration in this might get confusing. Whenever this appears "************" it means the POV switches. The view mainly goes between Ian, Anthony, and Ant's cousins. Kay thanks. (: <<<<<

Operation Mistletoe

 We pulled up to Anthony’s house at 5 PM. I almost leaped out of the still moving car as we pulled into the driveway; I was so excited. I hadn’t seen my older cousin in over a year. Emily, on the other hand, was knocked out, her head leaning against the backseat window. It was a long drive from Upstate, but still. How could she sleep when we were going to one of Ian and Anthony’s Christmas parties? Plus, I was anxious the whole ride, thinking about our flawless plan for the night.


    “Hey, your aunt’s here, Ant,” Ian called, peering out the window. I got up with a smile and walked to the front door, opening it to see an exuberant Katie and yawning Emily hop out of my aunt’s minivan. Katie squealed and ran up the walkway leading to the door. I leaned down and opened my arms for my eleven year old cousin, closing them around her and pulling her up into my arms when she leaped onto me. The small girl giggled in my arms, wrapping hers around my neck. I carried her into the house and plopped her down on the big couch in the living room. Immediately, she hopped back up and bounced in place on the floor.
    “Merry Christmas, Anthony!” She squealed, wrapping her arms around me again. Before I could respond, she was off to greet Ian. I shook my head and chuckled, then walked over to see my aunt and Katie’s twin sister, Emily. The girls had grown so much since I’d last seen them. Both had long, blonde ringlets running past their shoulders and big blue saucer eyes, just like their mother. I greeted Emily and my aunt Amy with a hug and invited them in. Before more than three words, quiet little Emily snuck off to find her sister. Ian came over with my aunt and I to the couch, where we sat to catch up for a while.


    I flicked the guest room light on as I walked in, Emily close behind. I plopped down on the ground beside one of the beds, flattening my suitcase on the ground. Emily sat in front of me, the case between us. We shared a quick glance and smirk before I clicked it open and withdrew a purple notebook. I quickly flipped to the page; the page with our ingenious plan. Scrawled across the top in my messy handwriting was the name of the whole operation. Below it, all the details. I took in a big breath and sighed slowly, grinning down at our notes. We were geniuses. We had to be to think of all this. I looked up at my twin sister, who shared the same look of anxiety, pride in our plan, and excitement I had. We were both squirming in place, eager to begin. 
    “Okay,” I said, slapping my hands on the open notebook, “So. This plan must, no matter what, go according to every detail. Got that?” Emily nodded. “If this doesn’t work, we’re doomed to deal with this situation forever,” Emily swallowed and looked up at me with nervous eyes.
    “Right,” she said in her soft voice, totally contrasting my loud one, “but…Katie,” she said cautiously. I raised an eyebrow.
    “What? What could be wrong?” She looked down, fiddling with the corner of the notebook page. 
    “Well, don’t you feel like we’re meddling? I mean, shouldn’t this stuff just work out naturally?” I pursed my lips for a moment, thinking about it. Gosh, why did Emily have to always bring out the problems? She was such a downer.  I rolled my eyes.
    “Think, Emily. This would totally work out by itself, but Ian and Anthony are to…guy-ish to let it happen. Men are blind, you know?” Emily’s smile returned with a small nod of her head. She still seemed skeptic about the whole thing, but there was no way I was letting her back down. I’d just have to take charge. I smiled and took another big breath. “Okay. Faze one; Wrestling.” We nodded once, smiling wide. 
    After going over the details of the first stage of our plan, we locked eyes. “Let’s do this,” I said with determination. Emily gave a nod, and we high-five’d after I flipped the notebook shut. “Operation Mistletoe is underway.”


    I walked over to the small table near the kitchen and put down a plate of vegetables before walking over to join everyone who’d arrived so far. The living room was taken up by my aunt and parents, as well as a few of Ian’s relatives. Also in the room were a few of our friends we’d invited over. I glanced up at the cable box above the TV, noting it was just about 5:30. More guests would be arriving soon, I thought, plopping down beside Ian on one of our couches. He turned to me and nodded, uninterested in the talk of the group. 
    Little feet came running in from down the hall, landing a hyper Katie on my lap. She giggled and rolled off of me, sitting next to me on the third couch cushion. A quiet Emily stood beside the couch, laughing at her goofy sister.
    “Hey, girls. What’s up?” I said, smiling at my giggly younger cousins. Katie looked up at me with big blue google eyes.
    “Well, actually, I wanted you to help me and Emily with something,” Katie said with a glance and grin at her sister, who nodded at me. I shrugged. 
    “Sure, what is it?” Katie looked at her sister a few more times with a mischievous smirk--oh, lord, what were they up to, now?--and finally replied.
    “Well, me and Em’ were thinking about joining the girls’ wrestling team at school this year. It looks fun,” I raised an eyebrow. Since when did these two have an interest in any sport, let alone one where you have to tackle others and risk--gasp!--breaking a nail? I slowly nodded. She continued, “and, well, we don’t know too much about wrestling. Could you show us a move or something?” The two girls looked up at me with hopeful eyes. I thought, sure, why not? Sure, this sounded a bit fishy, but didn’t everything these girls do have to do with some scheme?
    “Um, sure. There’s no room in here to do anything, though,” I said, looking around the crowded room, “Why don’t we do it in the other room?”
    I stood up as the two girls nodded. Ian looked up.
    “Where are you guys going?” he asked, obviously trying to escape the stuffed room.  
    Katie ran over and took his hand, pulling him up off the couch. “Come on, Ian. You can help,” she said, pulling him along down the   hall. I followed them into my bedroom, Emily trailing behind us.
    “Okay,” I said, scratching my head. I had no idea what I was supposed to do now. “Well, what do you guys wanna’ know about?” Katie and Emily shared a glance, thinking. 
    Katie turned back to me and said, “How about takedowns and pinning? Neither of us are good at that stuff,” I looked at Emily, who nodded.
    “Yeah, that stuff,” she agreed quietly. I shrugged and turned to Ian, then crouched slightly in front of him.
    Ian looked at me, panicked. “Wait, I’m not ready; don’t-” I  pushed forward and slammed my head into his stomach, knocking him off his feet and sending us both to the floor. Quickly, I sat up on him, straddling his hips, and grabbed his arms. He struggled weakly as I pinned his arms down on either side of his head. By the time I had both of his elbows pinned, we were both laughing our asses off. I leaned down to hold his arms in place, tightening my grip on his wrists. 
    Our laughing slowly died down. Suddenly, everything seemed to be in slow motion. My face hovered over Ian’s, red from a mix of laughter and struggling. Our breath fell on each other’s faces heavily, seemingly slowed down to the point where I could feel every bit of warmth blowing across my face. I blinked once, my eyes falling closed and opening again for what felt like minutes. Blue eyes looked up at me with a glazed expression. Slowly, Ian’s smile diminished. I felt mine fading as well. At this point, I wasn’t really thinking. My mind felt like it was filled with fog. My stomach tightened and twisted around. Sound around me was all but muted. All I could focus on was Ian’s close face; his bright eyes staring up into mine, lips slightly parted, red cheeks covered in stubble…
    Finally, I snapped out of it--it being whatever the hell was happening to me. My mind slowly worked to process what was going on. I pulled my heavy head away from Ian’s, forcing against the harsh gravity that surrounded me in this slow-moving moment. I willed my hands to release Ian’s wrists, feeling every muscle contract and loosen as they slowly complied. 
With a whoosh, everything clicked back into reality. My arms flew up, my back straightened out, and clear sound returned to my ears; Christmas songs were muffled white-noise drifting in from the living room. I blinked a few times, trying to think straight and understand what just happened. I looked down at Ian, who shared the same confused look as I probably had.
    After a few moments, I realized I was still on top of Ian. I awkwardly fumbled off of him and looked over to my cousins, who I’d completely forgotten about. “Um, yeah, was th-that uh, was that good? Good enough?” I stuttered out. Why was I so shaky? Why did my face feel so hot all of a sudden? I wished Ian and the girls would just disappear. I wish I would just disappear. And I didn’t even really know why. 
    I was still confused as to what had just happened, but I wanted it to happen again.


    The whole situation was overwhelming. I had to try my hardest not to grin like an idiot, looking at a blushing, nervous Anthony. Everything went perfectly according to plan. After mumbling a thanks, I jumped up, grabbed Emily, and ran out the door.
We ran into the guestroom, closed the door, and plopped down in front of the notebook. Only then did we release our squeals and giggles. After we calmed down, I said through my huge smile, “Oh my gosh, that was so perfect! It was only phase one, though. It’s time to get our game faces on, Em. This part could be tricky,” We sighed and tried to look as serious as possible. I flipped through the notebook to the right page and pointed down at the paper. “Alright, time for phase two; Girlfriends,” 
    Emily nodded once. “I’ll get Melanie.”
    I sat on the floor, drumming my fingers against the notebook, waiting for Emily to hurry back. I went over the details of the plan at least a dozen times. Worry was stirring in my stomach. What if this didn’t work out? What if we were busted? No, that couldn’t happen. This had to work. It would. It was simply fate. We had to make sure that Ian and Anthony-
    “Hey, Katie,” Melanie said as she came in, led by Emily. I looked up and smiled.
    “Hey, Mel. Ready to do this?” She walked over and sat across from me with Emily and sighed.
    “Yeah, I am,” she said with downcast eyes. I frowned. I knew this would be hard for her.
    “Look, Melanie, you don’t really have to go through with this…”
  She looked up and smiled a weak smile. I could see tears beginning to form in her eyes. She swallowed and shook her head. “No, I know I have to do this. Ian doesn’t belong with me.” She took a breath before finishing, “He belongs with Anthony,”
    “Alright,” I said quietly, putting my small hand over hers, “Let’s do this,”

Woo! :D There's part one. I'll put the next part up in a few days, depending on how much the series is actually, well, liked. ;P
Te Gusta? 

They Killed Her.

Kiera Walker was an eleven year old girl.
She was on my little brother's wrestling team.
Every now and then, I'd see her. Maybe exchange a wave or smile. Say how brave she was for going up against the tough boys.
She was tall and broad shouldered and maybe different from the other girls, but it was so cool that she could take on the guys. 

Kiera killed herself on Saturday.

She was bullied by a few girls at the upper elementary in town. She asked for help but didn't get it. It could have been an accident, but Kiera was found dead with a bullet through the back of her head, and a gun in her hand. I saw her on Saturday, three hours before she died.

God, I can't even...it's horrible. My mom cried. Huge assembly in all the schools. My little bro has been moping around the house all day. I can't believe things like this happen. She was eleven, for God's sake. An eleven year old girl shouldn't even have thoughts of suicide, or any self harm to begin with. I can't believe it.

If you read this, please just send a prayer to Kiera's family?

Got bored. Doodled.

Tada? Yeah..my crappy doodle(:

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